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Our company is made up of a great team, both pleasant and professional, and we have highly qualified training that includes solid experience in the sector and deep knowledge of the market. In addition, the plurality of languages with which we communicate allows us to adapt to any type of transaction.
We are specialists in the real estate sector and what distinguishes us is that we are a strong and truly effective company, which provides service and support in each phase of the marketing process, both national and international.


Selling a property is much more than posting an advertisement. At AgenciaBcn we take our mission very seriously, that is why we put all our resources at your disposal, including a professional who will carefully manage the entire process, dedicating himself exclusively to you.
Our individual marketing concept includes a personalized plan for the sale of your property, with the sole objective of making it a complete success. We are aware that each individual and property are different and unique. And for this reason, we combine various techniques, choosing the ones that best suit each case.

We start the process by making a professional photo report and then we advertise it online through Google and the most important real estate portals in Spain and Europe, thus covering a wide spectrum of possibilities.
We ensure the maximum positioning in all portals, making our publications with the utmost care and quality, thus ensuring that your property has the best possible visibility.
Doubts between selling or renting your property? Do not know if it is better for you to buy or rent? Our free house and apartment appraisal also give you an estimate of the monthly rental cost.



This comprehensive service offers the possibility of carrying out, if applicable, professional and quality plans, processing of energy certificates, certificates of habitability, all kinds of renovations, and even removals. We offer you our experience to carry out projects designed for you. We want to help you fulfill your dreams, whether it is carrying out reforms, designing spaces, or creating environments and homes.
For this, we have a large experienced team, which covers a wide spectrum of fields that include, among others, reforms, interior design options, renovations, habitability certificates, energy certificates, and all kinds of comprehensive arrangements.


At AgenciaBCN, we aim to offer you personalized, comprehensive legal advice. We are committed to quality in service and that is why our specialists have the mission of solving any obstacle that may arise during the process.
Our Department has the experience and necessary training to provide the service based on the rigor and solidity that characterizes us and that has the necessary resources for the proper development of the entire process.
Some of the services we offer:

  • Legal advice in real estate operations (sale of real estate, business premises, offices, land, etc…)
  • Formalization of scriptures.
  • Financing and real estate mortgages.
  • Drafting of real estate contracts.
  • Claim for unpaid income.
  • Evictions of homes and business premises.
  • Illegal Occupations of real estate.

Thus, the main objective of this department is to advise and represent all our clients, either to defend your financial or business interests. Therefore, we give you security and confidence, offering you a comprehensive quality service in legal matters, and advising you throughout the process.


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