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WE PAY YOU FOR SELLING YOUR APARTMENT We are so sure of selling your flat, that we financially incentivize you to manage it.

At AgenciaBCN work in various ways, always seeking maximum effectiveness, so managing the exclusive sale of your property has multiple advantages:

Maximum effectiveness rate, price optimization, and sales time

AgenciaBCN works mainly with an exclusive contract to achieve better results in the sale and in the shortest possible time. In addition, our exclusive sales system allows us to obtain the best price on the market.

Marketing and effectiveness

We advertise our properties in a privileged way to give them the greatest possible visibility in the best real estate portals, both national and international, and by inserting them in the best reference websites, we achieve a greater number of clients, effective visits, and better deals.

Exclusivity with our agency guarantees that the property is offered at a single price in the market, which translates into a system of maximum transparency for all interested parties.

This exclusivity entails a high degree of responsibility for AgenciaBCN. That is why the assigned marketing agent becomes indeed representative of the selling party and a defender of its interests.

Client Filter

Exclusivity also implies the existence of a single commercial agent who will work only for you, which will translate into a more efficient optimization of the process.

We will filter the visits of potential buyers and thus increase the success rate. The existence of this single interlocutor will facilitate marketing, thus achieving greater effectiveness in the sales 


At AgenciaBCN we look for and find the apartment of your dreams. Explain to us how the home you are looking for is, we will find it, negotiate at the best price and we will take all the steps with criteria for you for an easy, safe, and comfortable purchase.
Our service will save you a lot of time, money, and worry. You will be advised throughout the process by a professional and expert negotiator who will defend only your interests as a buyer, guaranteeing the final success of the operation.
We visit to the previously selected homes, make a report of each one of them and coordinatefor you to visit the ones that you select.
You only have to clearly indicate the characteristics of the location, dimensions, qualities, and price, among others, to close the contract.
We will take care of the laborious process with the necessary dedication, agility, and knowledge of the market to notmiss out on the house you are looking for and be the first to reach it.
To do this, in addition to the main easily accessible real estate platforms, we will investigate property managers, porters, and cold doors, resources that are within our reach.
We will previously visit the properties to ensure that they meet the requirements demanded by our clients, thoroughly inspecting and verifying the homes, loads, the building, the neighborhood, and much more.
We will take into account each of the technical and legal aspects, to finally present the options that best fit your search criteria, saving you time, paperwork, money, and unnecessary surprises.
In addition, we have the responsibility to get the best price, guaranteeing your investment as a customer.
Finally, we manage and formalize the reservation documents, sale contracts and we carry out the notarial deed.
We will ensure that the buyer is fully advised in each procedure with the absolute assurance that he is buying the most safely and profitably property possible. In short, we are talking about one of the biggest investments of his life.


At AgenciaBCN we collaborate with the best companies in the sector, thus providing a greater number of proven buyers, achieving the largest national and international client portfolio.
Ensuring greater dynamism and number of sales opportunities (or sales). This collaboration is beneficial to the property sale, because the greater the number of clients, the greater the options to sell at a higher price and in the shortest possible time.
If you have questions and want more details, or if you are a professional agency, contact us and we will inform you in more detail.

PREMIUM CONTRIBUTOR We pay you to sell your home

Any information you can provide us about properties for sale makes you a premium partner, that is, we pay you for it. Without obligation.
Once the information has been verified and the property is appraised, we will formalize a document, agree on a price and pay it to you once the public deed is signed. It’s that easyt!

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